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Smile Accountancy


The Brief

If you’ve worked with accountants before, you know some of them can be..a bit stodgy. Stuck in the old ways. Smile accountancy are on a mission to make bookkeeping stress free and affordable.

Based in the hub of London’s financial district, Canary Wharf, they wanted their prospective customers to know they would get a polished professional service, without the premium price tag.




Canary Wharf, London


Web Design & Development



Our Approach

Colour sets the mood of the brand. We wanted a colour that was attention grabbing. Something that symbolised fun and low cost. It hit us like a golden arch.

Yellow would be our brand colour.

Not forgetting that colour is only one element to the brand personality. Context matters.
So we established their core message. Bookkeeping and accounts does not need to be stressful and unaffordable!

The website was purposely written without any corporate speak. Smile Accountancy is going to be relaxed, fun but professional company that would be everything you would not associate with a ‘traditional,’ stiff, grey and bored accountant. In effect, ‘the anti-accountants.’ Full of colour and personality! Inviting users to a new way of managing their company accounts.

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