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CAFE 621


The Brief

Cafe 621 is a Lebanese restaurant based in Manor Park, East London.

The cafe opened its doors for business during a very turbulent time for a startup restaurant. The Covid Pandemic had just started and we were in the midst of a government lock down. The cafe approached Vlam Media to kickstart their digital marketing ahead of the grand opening which would be scheduled as soon as Covid restrictions relaxed.

Being an independently owned restaurant and new to the market, our task was to build the brand’s digital brand and create a following from zero.

We were no stranger to the task at hand. Starting from the ground up, it would be our mission to build their social media account and drive customers to the restaurant.




London, Manor Park


Digital Marketing

Photography and Video


Our Approach

Before going ahead with any marketing, we made it our responsibility to understand the business entirely.

After our research, we began creating content for the company’s social media accounts. We took over the company’s Instagram account, which became our priority channel for content marketing

We used photography and video to keep our new followers engaged. We sent our photographer to Cafe 621 to capture high-quality images of their food, drink and decor. Prior to the opening day, other methods we employed to scale the account, was by contacting food bloggers and influencers. We selected food bloggers who identified with our market and invited them to the cafe for a review.

On opening night, our videographer captured the atmosphere and the results of the digital branding we created. We generated enough momentum to build anticipation and peaked enough interest to have a full house! Inevitably translating into a huge success!

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