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The Brief

Chubba Bubba comes to life with the help of Vlam Media

Open any publication these days, and you’ll find an article on following your passion, on how we can all find happiness by ditching the corporate world and doing what we love.

Great advice. If you do it right.

Chubba Bubba knew that following your dream is one thing, but unless you put the pieces in place, passion too often leads to the poor house. The vision for Chubba Bubba was a luxury children’s clothing brand. But first, they needed a logo that expressed luxury and a user-friendly e-commerce website that customers could navigate easily through to check out their clothing range.


Children’s Fashion


London, Mayfair


Web Design & Development





Our Approach

We sat down with the founders at Chubba Bubba to design not just a logo but a visual brand that told everyone this company was something special. Next, we turned that brand into an e-commerce shop, complete with payment gateways. We then helped with a system for managing and tracking inventory to help them keep on top of how things were going.

At Vlam Media, we look at every project as an opportunity to bring to life the vision and goals of our clients. We work seamlessly across the physical and digital worlds, so no matter what a project needs, we’re ready to help you tell your story.

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