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Innovate life


The Brief

Innovate Life is the brain child of a private independent seller on Amazon. Our client was already working full time, but was also working a fullfilment by Amazon side hustle. They were ready to launch their first product and needed high quality product photography and an instructional video to help the product sell on the platform.




United Kingdom


Photography and Video


Our Approach

Product images are among the most important aspects of an Amazon listing. Clear, high-quality images will help sell products by showing potential customers exactly what they will receive.

Not only should the images be of high quality, they should also adhere to Amazon’s product image requirements. Like everything else regarding selling on Amazon, staying 100% compliant to its Terms of Service is very important. After taking the pictures in studio, we edited the images to showcase the product in different environments. We also edited images to show product dimensions and attributes. Additionally, we created an instructional video showing the product’s functionality and how it is put together.

The graphics and video provide a potential customer a complete overview of the product before they push the ‘add to cart’ button so they can buy in full confidence of a high-quality product.

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